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For years we have been growing our customer base and expanding our service offerings.

As one of the nation's largest exhibitions\conventions housing service providers, we have also been providing customized packages for hotels to thousands of professional associations and business travelers attending 44% of the world’s most popular exhibitions

Our vision

Our vision is to become a market leader through excellence in our services, and our continued efforts to bring the whole world of holidays and adventures, not just work, to your doorstep.

Convention Housing

Specializes in housing for professional associations and business travelers attending conventions all over the world. In addition, we partner seamlessly with the industry’s leading registration providers, using advanced technology and service to create a one-stop experience.



Our innovations have changed the way reservations are made and managed. Technology drives, speeds and assures the accuracy of every Travel Planners housing program. But technology is never a substitute for human contact. Our experienced professionals provide extensive personal support to meeting planners, attendees and exhibitors.


We live and breathe housing so you don't have to. With our unique insight, Travel Planners anticipates opportunities. Then we apply our expertise to create new tools that address them simply and effectively. If there's a better way to streamline a process or delight a tough exhibitor, you'll find it here.

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